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  • México
  • Degollado
  • Morelos 303, 47980 Degollado, México
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Ever dreamed of a place where comfort and convenience go hand in hand? Welcome to the Hotel Degollado, a 3-star establishment located in Degollado. All rooms feature flat-screen cable TV and private bathroom. There is free WiFi and free private parking, as well as the tranquility that only a well-equipped hotel can offer.

A Room for Every Traveler: Features and Amenities

Ever wondered what it feels like to have a space specially designed for you? The rooms at Hotel Degollado include a wardrobe. Imagine a space where every piece of furniture and every detail is designed for your comfort, as if they were pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together.

Personalized Attention: A Multilingual Team at Your Service

What if at every moment, in any language, someone was ready to help you? The 24-hour reception staff at Hotel Degollado speaks English and Spanish. It's like having a friend in a foreign country, always ready to guide and assist you.

Strategic Location: Connecting with the World

Would you like to stay in a place that is a connection between you and the world? The nearest airport is the Bajio International Airport, located 129 km from Hotel Degollado. Imagine this hotel as a bridge connecting you to the wonders of the world, making your trip easier and making your stay a pleasant experience.

Additional Amenities and Premium Services

  • Free Connection: Isn't it wonderful to have access to information and your loved ones at all times? The free WiFi at the Hotel Degollado is like an open window to your digital world.
  • Free Private Parking: Is it possible to feel safe and comfortable at the same time? Free private parking is a promise of security, like a cozy hug for your vehicle.
Staying at Hotel Degollado is not just accommodation; it's an experience that invites you to explore, to enjoy and to live the trip in a unique way. It's like a symphony where each note resonates in harmony, creating an unforgettable melody of comfort and elegance.
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Accommodation services

  • smoke-free rooms
  • free parking
  • free wifi


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Frequently asked questions

Some accommodations allow pets, while others do not. Before booking a place to stay, it is important to check the property's policies and description of the accommodation to see if pets are allowed. If the property allows pets, there may be restrictions on the size, type of pet and an additional charge for having pets in the accommodation. In addition, some properties offer additional pet-friendly amenities such as dog-friendly paths around the property and pet toys in the room.
Depending on the accommodation's cancellation policies, cancellation fees may apply. Please check cancellation policies before making your reservation.
Some accommodations offer free parking, while others charge an additional fee. Before booking a place to stay, it is important to check the property policies and accommodation description to see if free parking is offered or if there is an additional charge for parking.
You can pay for your booking through using a credit or debit card or by paying directly at the accommodation. Payment methods accepted by the accommodation may vary. Please check the property's policies before making your reservation.
Once you have made your booking, you will receive a confirmation email from with your booking details. Be sure to check your spam folder in case the email does not appear in your inbox.
The accommodation cost in Hotel Degollado fluctuates depending on the details of your reservation, such as duration and accommodation policies. Select the dates of your stay to know the exact price.
Yes, Hotel Degollado offers free Wi-Fi and free private parking for all guests.
The nearest airport is Bajío International Airport, 129 km from Hotel Degollado.

Customer feedback

Staff 9.60

Comfort 9.50

Location 9.80

Cleaning 9.80

Attention 9.70

Equipment 7.50

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